Worn Again, Too 104 E. Main Heyworth  (309) 262-4951

Chat n' Chew Cafe

is open every Wednesday at noon.
All Heyworth area senior citizens are invited to eat free.  
Our meals are delicious, nutritious and always include drink and dessert.

Sign up at Worn Again, Too.
or call (309) 262-4951
to get your spot at the table.
Carry-outs are available for
home bound seniors. 

Remember when you first got involved in your church and you were so excited about it...when the worship seemed heavenly and the fellowship energized your week?
Many do.
Sadly though, over time, many have lost that feeling.  
A growing number of churchgoers have become
disillusioned, frustrated and even disgusted with the current state of their church.  Some know why...some don't.  And while some churches are growing, others are gradually losing their way and the name on the sign, rich history, or denominational affiliation don't seem to matter. Something has gone haywire and an increasing number of Christians just like you are finding themselves less and less excited about getting up for church on Sunday morning.  

If you fit this description, please know that you are not alone.  Also know that you have more options than just going through the motions like nothing is wrong, going to church in a bad mood, or leaving your church and starting over.  In a few weeks,
Worn Again, Too will begin hosting
extra-curricular gatherings for
those who are at wits end, feel hurt by their church,
or are simply disillusioned with church in general.  
These gatherings are called
E-Six.  At E-Six, participants will find helpful support, experience spiritual growth through focused prayer and teaching of the Word, enjoy spirit-filled worship and communion, and be sent back to their home churches as vessels of God's transforming love, grace and power.  
Watch for postings on this site and on our Facebook page for updates.  

Our Phone number has changed!
Reach us now at

Did you know?

We accept Cash, Local Checks, Visa, MC & Discover.
Worn Again, Too exists as an Outreach Ministry of New Horizon Christian Church.  Its purpose is to provide low cost/no cost clothing and household goods for families in need, to teach the biblical principle of "no greater love" (John 15:13), and to equip believers for service nationally and internationally.

Who are we?
Garden variety local Christians who believe God meant that whole

When are we open?
Monday thru Friday 9am-2pm
Wed night 6pm-9pm
Sat. 11am-2pm

Got a money tree in your backyard? 

Didn't think so.

Stop in at Worn Again, Too
and see just how far your
dollar will go.
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